2012: The End Of The World?

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

2012: The End Of The World? by David McCandless, InformationIsBeautiful.net

A piece exploring the myths around 2012, Mayan Prophecy, geomagnetic reversal, The Long Count, consciousness shifts, Hunab Ku, galactica alignment, the Precession Of The Equinoxes, rogue planet Nibiru, solar storms, pole shifts, timewave zero, the return of Quetzalcoatl and THE END OF THE WORLD December 21st 2012!

Make up your own mind

UPDATE 1 (8 Dec 09): There’s now a Portuguese version of 2012 (thanks Ricardo Vieira) and a French version DEUUUUXMIIIILLEDOUUUUZE (thanks to Olivier!)

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  • Ben. K

    Whether 2012 happens or not, it’s best to be prepared.

    Surely it is better to spend some time preparing than to dismiss it altogether. If you prepare and 2012 catastrophies happen, there is a chance of survival. If you didnt prepare at all….chances of survival would be very low.
    I think those who don’t have survival experience would do well to learn some.
    Start off with this short guide on How To Survive 2012 for key survival tips.

    Really helped me, and I know nothing of survival.

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    I think it’s just a beginning…

    • Troy

      there has to be an end befor a begining

      • bj

        hmm, really? so tell me, what ended that caused the beginning of the “big bang”?

        • Andrew

          But, who said that Big Bang was? It’s only a theory, one of many.

        • ???

          its a never ending story, nothing ends in reality…. even ‘nothing’ is something. think of a super nova (a dying star), it sometimes becomes a black hole (which is like a vacum), no one knows what’s inside of it… there has to be somrthing. if it explodes, it creates something new.

  • wayne leeds uk

    This is the third time ive put this on here…. Search jesse ventura consperiacy theorys 2012 it shows u everythin u need t know bout the 2012 n how there coverin it up. There buildin bunkers so deep under ground they will servivewitch is the rich n powerfull people n us cavilians have to fend for are selfs trust me n stop deletin my comments only cause u no i speak the truth…

  • Maddie

    I dont think its going to happen, everyones been going on about it .We hae to belive that this is not the end of the world,it wil be ok everything will be normal.All this climate changed and all that itsn just nature it is perfectly normal .2012 IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!!

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    it will never be true, you will see

  • http://grasstexture.org/ Grass Texture

    No, I don’t think so

  • Expert R

    Someone should prepare …It may really happens

  • Jeremy

    Zombies is the end…..

  • http://www.2012officialcountdown.com 2012 James

    I think it’s also the beginning of something new that will have to go through great change in order to get there. The comet on the outskirts of our solar system is also another one to watch out for that will be coming around late next year as well.

  • Jacob

    2012 will NOT happen there was a scientific explination 4 almost all of that shit on the vs. thing i think there will be like a terrerist atack 2 scare people but thats all

  • Luke Eldriege

    I feel sorry for all the sad people who think the world is actually gunna end… I’m just gunna keep wanking till I die.

  • Sam

    We’re “north” of the galactic plane? Using what coordinate system?

  • Allen Bell

    I agree with both sides. As a Gemini I look at things from all sides. On one hand it has been predicted for many years. on the other hand the end of the world has been predicted so many times before. Which do you really believe in? I will prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

  • Brandon

    yea but what if it doesint happen could it be a Hoesk or something i think its real?

  • Lee

    This is great but needs correction:

    The word “Mayan” refers specifically to languages (“a word in ancient Mayan“, or “Yucatec and Quiché are the most common Mayan languages.”)

    All other uses of the word “Maya” should lack the “n”, whether as a noun (“the ancient Maya“), or as an adjective (“Maya tools”, “Maya monuments”, “Maya calendar”, even “Maya glyphs”).

    See Dr. Van Stone’s website: http://markvanstone.com/ (FAMSA, Fdn. for Advancement of Meso-american Studies)

  • bj

    this was very interesting. i mostly agree with the skeptical side (mostly, not entirely). there are some glaring errors in the “skeptical” information. just one of many examples is the authors personal opinion about Solar Maximum affecting power grids labeled “Extremely Unlikely”. Here’s what he wrote:

    “At worst, solar maximum would disrupt satelite and cell phones not power grids.”

    Here’s an excerpt from Berkeley University: “Power grids can be overloaded by these same bombardments. In 1989, during the last solar maximum, the power grid that supplies Canada’s Quebec province was knocked out by a geomagnetic storm.” (http://ds9.ssl.berkeley.edu/lws_gems/6/solmax.htm)

    This is only one of many glaring errors on the “skeptical” side. Don’t even get me started finding all the errors on the “believers” side!


  • http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread336187/p Damiön la Bagh

    This info-graphic is missing the theory that in 2012 we will discover time travel, so the calendar stops at 2012-12-21 because we no longer need this wacky man-made thing called Time.

  • MANU


  • mary grace

    no one knows if this year wound end the world
    it’s only a prediction no one can prove it

  • http://nytek.info Al

    Skillfully created graphic showing two sides to the 2012 argument. I tend to side with the skeptics. The first time I encountered a true believer in this theory, I naturally tried to look at it from a scientific point of view. For example does the alignment of the planets happen normally? And if it does, what effect does it have on the earth in history? If it has happened before, and we know nothing substantial came of it, then why believe that a recurrence will result in anything significantly different?

    Apocalyptic thinking, even when it is toned down to mean an inner apocalypse collectively, seems like wishful thinking to me. We wish for some external or internal change to just happen despite ourselves forcing us to be the way we wish we were but are not. Whatever the case, I liked this graphic, and hope to make something similar in future on other topics. Thanks again.

  • Actionmcjackson

    This is the begining of a new cycle. I have studied the mayan calender a little and although this is the end of an over 5,000 year cycle, there are still bigger cycles IN THE MAYAN CALENDER, where the next biggest cycle ends around 2050. The mathetmatics and astromical alignments do show that the mayans, and timewave zero theroy are very accurate, but the real question is what will happen. I see this as a dramatic change in the way we perceive ourselves and the world, and even possibly an entrace into 4th dimensional thought ( all of time as a single moment). To those doomsday prepppers as well as to people who dismiss 2012 entirely, I think there is simply a lack of open minded research of the subject. I for one am very excited to be alive at such a monumentous time.

  • Adriana

    It’s hard to take some of these comments seriously especially the ones with the bad grammar and spelling.

    • Adriana

      Oh look! I made an error.

  • http://youtube james welch

    It will happn i know sp be redy!

  • http://att Terry

    Why would God tell the Maya when End Time will be when even Christ doesn’t know? Being ready is being ready in heart and soul with Christ. The rest is not important. No one knows when the World will end. But, the World can change as it has over millions of years. The ones who are ment to be here after will be here. The rest of us will be with God. Stop worrying about tomorrow and live your life as though you have a thousand years ahead of you. But also live as though God could be here tomorrow. Read Gods Words and you’ll realize He has control not us. So, long story short, I don’t believe man or a society even as wise as the Maya have any idea when the World will end. The Earth twisting and a new North and South Poles will happen someday. They’ve known that since before the Second World War. Love your kids. Love your neighbors and everyone else and let God worry about when we end.

  • Selena

    To all you people wasting your time on this thing searching if the world is gonna end… STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND DO SOMETHING USEFUL!! My friend believe in this.. So she showed me this and i was shocked too see that alot of people believe in this so i decided to give my opinion! The world will end for each one of us when we die!!! Other than that NO IT WONT! Just because some mayan people THAT DIDNT GO TO SCHOOL, say the world is gonna end because of their calender doesnt mean it will!!!

  • http://spiritbreath.com Michael

    Everything comes to an end. Who cares really. it’s the continuum that is of consequence. That is where the experience of Being is. Be Here Now.

  • AJ

    Personally, I see truths and myths to BOTH sides of the whole “2012 end of the world” idea.

    As far as the future is concerned: What is to come will come, what is to happen will happen. If tomorrow comes, then you’ve lived another day. Be happy.

  • Tony

    This is a great new film. Completely relevant to the topic of the end of the world. Check out the trailer