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Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Good Magazine Infographics
Good Magazine is good. It’s a non-profit mag with a powerful eco-sustainability-we-can-do-this-together vibe. And when you subscribe, they give your money to charity!

They’ve been quietly championing infographics and visual information in their ‘Transparency’ section for a few years now. Many of their images are America-centric. But a lot highlight global concerns. Here are some of my favourites.

The Pacific Plastic Gyre
They were all over the huge lump of plastic in the ocean story before anyone else.

Good Magazine - The Pacific Gyre

No More Fish in the Sea
This is pretty – and makes me want to look at it

Good Magazine - No More Fish in the Sea

I also like these Visual FAQs on the superpower. Visual FAQs are the way to go.

Good Magazine - China

Vampire Energy
Important information wrapped in a cheeky concept. Pretty strong visual incentive to turn off that Plasma.

Good Magazine - Vampire Energy

Solar Power
Staring at the potential of solar power.

Good Magazine - Solar Power

Here the Transparency section on their site. You can also see the full set on Flickr

Please let me know any good ones you find or any other great visualizers out there. Me likeee.

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  • Blu

    I really liked the one about american jail population also in Good Magazine

  • sophie

    Hi David,

    I like the vampire one – it really brings the message across!

    Thanks for a fantastic site – data visualisations is something I’ve only recently discovered and I look forward to seeing some more great stuff on your site.

  • brian

    The site link for the pacific gyre is broken – tp://

    should be: — crazy stuff.

  • alicia

    I love Good Mag, their graphics are definitely awesome – Just found your site through VSL, veryyy cool stuff! – Have you seen the book Hyperborder by LAR’s Fernando Romero? I bought it because I was 15% interested in the content and 75% for the graphics, haha – I’m an architect and these sources help inspire me constantly while producing drawings and graphics to explain my work and visually connect with others.

  • elizabeth

    I LOVE your work and the entire collection you’ve presented! What a fantastic collage of the mess we’ve created, here on planet earth… Impossible to single any one of them out, they’re all terrific and terribly revealing. …Uh-oh, at the moment I think I’m overdue for work on my Soul rendition!