If Twitter was 100 People…

Friday, July 10th, 2009

If Twitter Was 100 People...

There’s quite a big discussion about this on Flickr.

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  • http://www.aboutus.org/Gladior.nl Jeroen

    Ehh.. people with more then 100 followers?

    • http://natts.com Dave Nattriss

      Yes, that’s right, accounts have followers, and these get counted.

  • Arnold

    Umm.. I don’t think there can be more than 100 followers if the maximum number of people is 100

    • Jeff

      The idea is to give you a representational analysis.

      Instead of saying 5 people, he could have said 5%…but 5 people is easier to understand for most people.

      Basically only 5% of twitter people have more than 100 followers.


      • http://www.chrismair.com Chris

        People who don’t understand percentages should be turned into soap

  • http://www.mimeartist.com mimeArtist

    These kind of stats are always flawed as just the maths of this, it is obvious that a tiny amount of people will produce the most stuff purely because of percentages

  • Kyle

    We have to keep in mind this is statistical assimilation. What I find truly interesting is the breakdown of the 80/20 rule. I would have suspected a full 20 to 30 people would be required to reach 70 to 80 percent of the tweets. I wonder if there is a way to account for the jump off of the 80/20 rule. If twitter was 100 people big how many people would equate to 100 followers?

  • http://twitter.com/isemann isemann

    And the 20 grey ones are ??

    Am I missing something?


    • http://natts.com Dave Nattriss

      The ones who don’t fit in to any of the other categories.

    • Pete Taylor

      The grey ones (I presume) are normal users, perhaps 1 or 2 tweets a day.

  • http://saplab.org Antonio Caldas

    How can 5 have more than 100 followers if the grand total is 100?
    What about the grey people?
    I don’t see a solid rational behind this picture, it’s easily discussable.


  • Lynn

    20 people aren’t on Twitter (like myself), that makes it so 80% of the people are using Twitter, 20% are not = 80/20 rule

    • http://arlojamesbarnes.blogspot.com Arlo James Barnes

      No, as tempting as it might be to draw that conclusion, this chart is specifically analyzing only Twitter accounts-not the ‘outside world’ or people who do not use it. I suspect “empty accounts” means people who created Twitter accounts and then never used them (have not posted a single tweet) or deactivated their accounts.

  • Mr._Pseudonym

    The gray ones are the folks who don’t fit into the other categories. That is, their accounts aren’t empty/dead, so they aren’t pink. They have tweeted in the last week, so they aren’t lazy/green. They have fewer than one hundred followers, so they aren’t blue, and they aren’t the loud mouths/purple who create seventy-five percent of the tweets.

    However, the graph doesn’t allow for overlap. Who’s to say that those with more than one hundred followers cannot double as those who create more than seventy-five percent of the tweets? It’s possible, (even expected, in fact,) for some folks to belong in both groups, but the chart doesn’t accomodate such details.

  • http://www.schachtelhalm.net Christian

    Let’s make this visualization about books – the most successful media ever – and you won’t find even 1 “loud mouth”, and even less 30 having published last week… So let’s not get too excited about this statistics. Twitter is not only writing but also reading…

  • http://www.envap.com Vaibhav

    Stats may vary, but truly appreciate the information representation!! Good thought…

  • Zach Stillwell

    I don’t understand why everyone is so negative. All he is saying is that 5 percent of people on twitter create 75 percent of the tweets (there probably is a correlation with the 5 percent that have more than a hundred followers). 20 percent generate absolutely no tweets. A whopping 50 percent haven’t tweeted in the last week… which leaves you with a mere 20 percent of what might be called average users, that is those that fit no other categories, who are in fact only 20 percent. But this twenty percent is most likely the backbone of twitter. Consider this. If 20 percent don’t fit the other categories, then most likely they represent the majority of followers for those with more than 100, and just as likely the readers of all those tweets produced by the lowly 5 percent. So its a strikingly strong suggestion of the 80/20 rule, or thereabouts. And it helps illustrate why even though it seems like EVERYONE is tweeting, the actual percentages deny this. I have never used twitter by the way. Facebook wastes enough of my time.

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  • Mark Grady

    I’d love to see this updated seeing as Twitter are now claiming 50 million tweets a day now.

  • TraceyLea

    35 of the people would be tweeting about Justin Beiber :p

  • http://arlojamesbarnes.blogspot.com Arlo James Barnes

    Dear David McCandless:
    You might want to install a decent WordPress extension like Akismet for handling spam. Otherwise, you may have to manually moderate your (many, it seems) comments.

  • connor

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  • http://www.canadadisability.ca Justin Mills

    Twitter is very powerful one than facebook, it will allow you to get more followers if you just tweeting..

  • Emma S

    Interesting, but find it a bit patronising they have to use a ’100 people’ explaination, rather than just showing them as a %. I’ve never used twitter and never really understood what I’d get out of it – like Zach has mentioned, FB already wastes more of my time than it really should! I’d assume that the 5% ‘loud mouths’ are those using this form of media for PR/advertising and exposure, rather than joe-public (which I’m assuming is most likley to be the grey & green %) – which I guess tells us nothing more than the tweet-subjects are a long way off being representative of general feeling/opinion.

  • Jaszita

    what are the grey people?

    • http://www.taylorswiftlove.net Taylor Swift

      I was just wondering the same thing.

  • Sola

    I swear, I LOVE your charts! You are truly gifted.