Swine Flu: The Latest Figures

These are the latest Swine Flu figures, now hotwired to the Guardian’s. When they update, this’ll update automatically.

UPDATE: 6th AUG – this table keeps breaking because every time The Guardian updates it, they move the rows around! I will try to fix. UPDATE 29th Aug – OK I’ve fixed this now.
UPDATE 19th July: The Guardian have now updated their spreadsheet to include infection rate & mortality rate. Hmmmmmmm. I’m not saying anything….


Click around and re-order the countries by confirmed cases, infection, and mortality rates to get different perspectives on the situation.

(Apols for the crudeness of the design. I haven’t quite worked out how to edit the look and feel)

I believe just using sheer number of cases is a limited way of looking at it. Raw, the figures seem alarming. Put them in context with other countries or other figures, however, and it seems less alarming.

  • Confirmed cases have to be taken as a proportion of each country’s population size, or else it’s just a meaningless number.
  • Similarly, death rates are far more revealing when shown as a proportion of those infected
  • If you order the table by mortality rate, a very different picture emerges of the most stricken nations.

Suddenly the poorer countries leap to the top the table. Why do Argentina, Colombia and Mexico have the highest death rates?


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