Who Rules The Social Web?

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Who Rules The Social Web? Gender Balance on social networking sites

Thanks to data gathering by Brian Solis. My data here.

In passing, it’s interesting how Google Ad Planner gives detailed data on every big website online. But not on any of Google’s own sites.

See the updated version here.

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  • Byron

    Here’s the full dataset in an interactive dashboard:

  • BaconGrease

    Well, that doesn’t really surprise me.

  • Rizwan

    WOW!!!! I am sure most of these are spammers who set profiles as hot chicks and spam about porn links

  • Erez

    Digg is less of a Patriarcy and more of a Juvenile fraternity house.

  • Anand Srinivasan

    LOL..Agreed with Erez and Rizwan both…


  • TwistedSifter

    Great observation Rizwan!
    I wonder what total % are spam/inactive on each respective network?

    Still surprises me how Classmates is still so big?!?

  • Alyssa Myers

    Interesting. Seems to reinforce the stereotypes regarding women as being more social than men. And I agree with Erez, Digg can be juvenile, but nothing like Fark! ;)

  • Sase Antic

    Interesting info.

  • LivePaola

    You shouldn’t fall for wrong conclusions. That thye are be present in large numbers, larger than men’s, does not mean that women “rule” in a social network. Let’s look at women’s actual sphere of influence. Who are the most followed, the most retweeted, the most authoritative members of a given network? It’s usually guys. I’d bet that, for any substantive measure of influence, it’s the men who “rule” even in sites where more women than men have an account.

  • Shivraj

    The data is interesting. However, it would be useful to see the gender distribution of “influencers” or “people with most followers” or people who are “hubs” more connected than others. Networks do follow the Power Law. Those are probably the real rulers.

  • thedatingloft

    an interesting piece of information. Yea, i agree that woman might dominate the site with their larger number, but which is the one who has the most influence?

    Anyway, all these social networking sites are here just for us to connect with our friends. Do we really need to bother whether is it because woman are becoming more miserable therefore they are turning to social networking??

    Love. Your Choice.

  • mediumflow

    But never forget:

    the mere numbers of participants did & do *never* change any actual dominance in a discourse…

    (women made up the majority in – as far as I am concerned – *all* societies ever known)

  • Erik Vold

    I don’t see how the data was collected described, but I assume that a larger portion of the “female” users are in fact fake accounts made by men to induce fools into befriending them, which may be desired for a number of reasons. I doubt that women do this anywhere near the same extent. Beyond this, I’m sure whenever a man needs to make a fake account, unless there is a reason the fake account needs to be male, it’s going to be female, and I don’t see that many techie females around the west coast to have a reason to do this sort of thing.

    I doubt that any data/sample collection method of users on any network can factor this out. LinkedIn maybe matters less, but I would guess twitter, facebook, and myspace all have the problems I describe.

  • Alyssa Myers

    LivePaola – citation please.

  • Alex

    Definitely that statistic is looking as true. Women are more blabbing persons. Take a look at our regular life in offices, subway, streets. One thing is interesting for me: have the person (who prepared that comparison chart) the access to all databases of all compared systems??? Else how possible to compare these communities without real data???? I`m not sure what data is correct. Same “advertisement” I can do for any system. It depends from period of the year, region, economical and political situation, September 11th events etc. The data will be absolutelly different in many cases…

  • r4 games

    Thanx for the valuable information. I love orkut. But my friends are spending more time on face book. So Iv got no choice but to move.

  • nintendo ds r4

    Nice post, But i think facebook is a major part of web, We can say many networking sites are ruling the web. Like Facebook, Orkut and twitter.

  • V

    [...] Imagen: Information is Beautiful [...]

  • Ariana

    Girls are pink and boys are blue… Oye…

  • Cory

    Love this infographic – well done.

  • nicola

    oh dear, just goes to show how sad we are

  • Dave K.

    Well, women like to gossip, scheme, and have little cliques, so no wonder that social networks are predominantly female.

  • sandwiches

    “Digg is less of a Patriarcy and more of a Juvenile fraternity house.”
    Using that same line of thought, without a doubt, we can see that the so-called “matriarchies” are more like drama-filled sorority houses.

  • todger

    Wow! The ladies like, totally rule and stuff! It’s interesting to compare this set of data with another study from last year, when the membership of Myspace beat Facebook’s into a cocked hat:

  • politian

    Where is the interesting thinking? Where is something leading to worthwhile action? The rest is pap.

  • r4 kaart kopen

    “Seems to reinforce the stereotypes regarding women as being more social than men” well maybe women just have more time to waste… :)

  • John

    You mean women might be interested in tools and places that give them more opportunity to talk about random crap? Nooooo. That just isn’t the sort of thing that most women are into.

  • hp promotion

    Well Social media is a good way to network with other professionals and web have continued to improve the way we communicate with each other that’s very helpful for all of us.Networking as a concept has existed since time immemorial but it has been taken to an entirely new level by social networking websites like Twitter and FaceBook.Good post!

  • Tim Azure

    You can hardly call Bebo a matriarchy. Its average user is about 19.

  • bob

    The gender balance one is off.
    Everyone knows there are countless aff marketers posing as chicks pushing products.

  • apparently feminist.

    Wow…. tongue in cheek could be the defence, but it is apparent some people are using these comments as a soapbox for chauvinism… front up a compelling theory or argument rather than expel your old tired male propaganda about our ‘scheming cliques’, and maybe this will be as engaging as our social networks…

  • R4i Kaart

    People will get tired of all these social networks… twitter is only a hype thing it will pass..

  • no

    think twice before posting flat stereotypes. These findings are leading to some more insight

  • polywood

    This is novice idea to know the dominent gender on the social network. But question arises most of the women of the third world are only house wives and they have no idea of computer and these social networks. How can they participate. We get only information from accounts but a female can enlist her as a male. Over all I like it and want to name it fun on net

  • David Eprahim

    lush;Man these stats wrer really helpful 4 my ppt.

  • girlfight

    I think girls are more serious about their contacts and therefor spend more time online to keep in touch with their friends

  • Retro

    facinating how google protects itself.. huh, thanks for the post!

  • PS3 gamer

    love the info :)

  • Poly Wood

    that’s good to know

  • Poly Wood

    wow, thats good to know

  • subsidie

    Google always protects its own data but yet is very fast in revealing other peoples data and information.

  • kiwionline

    Woman are just more social then men :) Nice to see a lot of woman use social media, but i agree that its just another hype that will pass when something new comes along

  • polywood

    Yeah, that’s about right, sure isn’t that way all the time though.

  • diagnostic scanner

    yes, just goes to show how sad we are

  • Verizon Wireless

    Very interesting – and I thought men ruled the net!

  • R4 Kopen

    well women also rule the world thats r4sure

  • R4

    Very good– and I don’t think men ruled the net!

  • Dan

    Wow that is really interesting, I didn’t think that women would have dominated social media so much. Although, Google + is a different story, it’s all guys over there, some of these ladies need to migrate over and even up the ratio!

    • Danielle

      I’m doing my part sweetie!

  • Tracfone Reviews

    Just from observing my wife, mother, and all the other females in my life, I would say this is 100% correct. Women seem more than willing to waste their lives away on these sites.

  • Izrabotka Na Web

    Although some of the social networks from the infographic are not so popular now, it would be interesting to see what are the numbers two and half years later i.e. now.