Because Every Country Is The Best At Something

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

International Number Ones: Because Every Country Is The Best At Something
International number ones


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  • me

    Austria is missing…

    • Ingo

      Yep still missing, I assume we are high ranking in ski-challenges top 3.

  • Mack

    Might be being blind…but where’s Poland? Are they not good at anything?

    • pko

      Most of the recent comments have just been “What about XXXXXX?” Some countries are just excellent at being invisible – keeping a low profile and not contributing to the current rush to screw up the world…..therefore if your country is not mentioned_Rejoice! And dont draw attention to the fact.

  • Grace
  • MIKE

    Iran, Terrorism. So prejudiced… Like have you ever heard of Persian Carpets??!?!?

  • c

    you forgot Tunisia! (and/or i cannot zoom in to see it)

  • Alex Belovich

    Is this per capita?

  • Christine

    We have serial killers… wonderful…

  • Ben

    Brazil and Bolivia are interchanged