Because Every Country Is The Best At Something

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

International Number Ones: Because Every Country Is The Best At Something
International number ones


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  • rachael

    Suggested fix: mink pelts (Denmark) has a black background (which equals “People” category)

  • Bas

    So tea and sugar are foods, but corn and palm oil are commodities? What are your criteria? Khat chewers are now criminals (they are not in Great Britain and countless other countries), but the production of landmines is technology? What are your moral standards? Weird graph which in fact says nothing.

  • Aoife

    why are tanzania and east timor not included?

    • Alex, Editor

      Hi Aoife,

      We tried hard to get every country. Really hard. But we failed. Tanzania and East Timor were among our handful of fails.

      But if you have any data, research or info that’ll help us fill the gaps, feel free to send it over.


  • Alex

    Sweden does not have the most nuclear reactors. The US has 104 plants. Japan is in second with about 50. There are about 400 worldwide. The US also leads in capacity factor and generating capacity. Sweden probably generates the highest proportion of its electricity from nuclear power, however it is incorrect to say it has the most nuclear reactors.

    I work in the nuclear industry.

    • Alex, Editor

      Hi Alex

      I edit the site. Thanks for your comments from inside the industry.

      No doubt you’re right about absolute figures, but we looked at reactors per capita. (You can see in our data sheet linked from the post.) Using per capita data takes population differences into account and makes comparisons relative.

      On a per capita basis, Sweden has the most nuclear reactors with 1.22 per million people. The US is 15th with 0.35/1million and Japan 13th with 0.42/1million.


  • Finland

    Finland is no. 1 coffee drinker, not Norway you sillies.

    • Gonzo

      Isn’t Finland top in education? The system obviously failed you if you think opinions and facts are the same. Top world coffee drinkers? Show the evidence, you silly!

  • Sonia Fernandez

    haha Philippines. Why am I not surprised

  • M_otaka

    Canada, we have the most fruit juice drinkers! Sweet! I’m thankful I don’t live visit our neighbours to the south often…

  • Dav

    So Poland is not the best at anything?

    • Alex, Editor

      Hi Dav,

      There were some countries we just couldn’t find a stat for, no matter how hard we tried. And we tried hard.
      If you have one for Poland, send it in. We might be able to add it.


      • Paulina

        I’ve heard that our vodka is the best ;)!

  • michael

    Im from South Africa and it is a true pity that you put us on here for a crime statistic. We have the biggest gold and platinum reserves in the world, and we basically have a monopoly on the diamond trade in the world. Minerals is just one of the examples that we own at. You are pathetic. Im sure your from America. You think your country is the only country in the world and you are so ignorant. Its very very sad frankly.

    • Alex, Editor

      Hi Michael,

      We’re not from America, land of the serial killer. We’re based in Britain – number one for CCTV.

      You’re right that South Africa is the world’s biggest producer of platinum.

      Botswana digs up the most diamonds, though. And gold is a multi-horse-race between a couple of big producing countries.

      We’re sorry you take offence at South Africa’s stat. There was no malicious intent.


  • cam

    lmao, USA-serial killers and thats it!

  • MothMask

    No Azerbaijan? *sadface* :’C

  • Nat

    Colombia – cocaine? Doesn´t coffee ring any bells?

  • Paul van Spronsen

    Nothing for Lesotho?

  • Stacey

    What about Lesotho?

  • noname00

    See this please …
    Most of the countries are placed totally wrong, if it was on purpose in order to make this image “funny”, all I want to say is: It’s not funny.

    • Alex, Editor

      Hi No Name,

      I think you might have got us on Romania. We’ll update.

      On the other pointers, maybe you missed seeing the little sticks on the flags – they’re what’s indicating the country’s position.

      At a readable font-size, the flags themselves would cover some countries, so sticks are the pin-pointers.


  • Ana


    I would like to point out, that Slovenia isn’t known for its magazines. Actually, we have few magazines of our own and most of them are rubbish.

  • Daine

    Georgia, library books? Who came up with that? It should be something to do with wine. Either just wine, or heavy drinking.

  • Zerina

    Best in landmines? Uhh… at least it’s something. Right?

    Sadly very true, though. I wonder, are Croatia/Serbia/Montenegro the best at anything? xD; I know Serbia is the world’s leading frozen raspberry exporter. Major raspberry exporter in general, sometimes leading. Kind of a random fact :)

  • KParker

    The CCTV stat is dubious – really I scarcely think h2g2 page is a reasonable reference. As far as I know this myth came from a study of one street extrapolated to the whole of London and then again to the whole of the UK.

  • Paulina

    Where is Poland?? I am really depressed now that we are not the best at anything… This is impossible and unfair!

  • dmp

    You’re missing Greenland

  • Mario

    Spain is the best at human organs doners. Which is more relevant than just “robberies”

    • Mario

      Sorry, I meant donors.

  • Kastriot

    Albania-The most bunkers
    Kosovo-bigest diaspora diaspora % in relation

  • http://N/A Maria

    No Dominican Republic and/or Haiti?

  • Koala

    Colombia produces the best coffee in the world which is more relevant than cocaine. Since this map is only taking into account bad thing, take into account who is the biggest consumes of cacaine