Because Every Country Is The Best At Something

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

International Number Ones: Because Every Country Is The Best At Something
International number ones


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  • me

    Austria is missing…

    • Ingo

      Yep still missing, I assume we are high ranking in ski-challenges top 3.

  • Mack

    Might be being blind…but where’s Poland? Are they not good at anything?

    • pko

      Most of the recent comments have just been “What about XXXXXX?” Some countries are just excellent at being invisible – keeping a low profile and not contributing to the current rush to screw up the world…..therefore if your country is not mentioned_Rejoice! And dont draw attention to the fact.

  • Grace
  • MIKE

    Iran, Terrorism. So prejudiced… Like have you ever heard of Persian Carpets??!?!?

  • c

    you forgot Tunisia! (and/or i cannot zoom in to see it)

  • Alex Belovich

    Is this per capita?

  • Christine

    We have serial killers… wonderful…

  • Ben

    Brazil and Bolivia are interchanged

  • Christophe

    France: sugar beet?? Don’t understand…

  • fla

    Romnia flag is placed inapropriately …on Ukraine!

  • Scott

    Hi there. This is interesting, but what would make it a million times better is:

    1.) Make it larger, or allow to zoom in, very tough to read
    2.) More details! When you mover over an item, have a pop up that provides more details. Sure Canada is the #1 at Drinking Juice (really?) Show what type of juice, how much we drink, what it costs, etc, etc. More detail would get me to share this on my blog and other places. Way better link bait.
    3.) Source all your data. Who says Canada drinks the most juice? For all I know you just made this up.

    • Dan, Editor

      Hi Scott,

      Thanks for the comments and tips, when we update the viz we’ll bear them in mind.

      We always, always list our sources and collate data when possible. The link is listed on the image itself and underneath, see here –