Four Infographical Morsels No. 6

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Fit To Perform
Can work make you happy? Or does being happy make you work better? This is a little interactive piece we did with GE Healthymagination and The Economist. It uses survey data to explore the relationship between working and well-being. At work now? Have a play.
Thanks to BreakfastNY for slick interactivity.

Afghan Conflict Possibility Map
Interesting, visual way of viewing the scenarios for a resolution to the Aghan conflict. Can’t see the detail but it looks like a novel satellite-view of the options. By Marc Tiedermann, Pierre la Baume and Karen Hentschel.

East vs. West
Designer Yang Liu‘s ingenious East Meets West infographic series illustrates the contrasts between German and Chinese culture visually. Everything from differences in self-perception and problem solving to the noise level in restaurants. All with the absolute minimum of text. Nice!

Attitude to punctuality

Problem Solving

[via BrainPickings and @BBHLabs]

And if you’re still hungry…

: InfoGraphic About InfoGraphics Does he mean us?
: The Trustworthiness Of Beards I am threatening apparently (Thanks @McKellier)
: Women In The Boardroom Where is the glass ceiling the highest?
: Every Time Zone Pretty, interactive jet-lag tracker

As ever, if you come across any tasty infographics or visualizations, please send them over.

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  • Sele

    I loved all the links, particularly the last one! I wish more people did that with other countries, as it would be an interesting comparison.

  • Weh

    I love how the Grant Thornton one shows “Women in the Boardroom” across different countries, but compares that to the number of women in Grant Thornton “global workforce”. In other words, they are comparing the number of women in senior management positions for various countries with the number of women in their workforce fullstop (senior positions or otherwise). Nice little bit of deceptive marketing. Maybe there aren’t all that many women in senior management positions in Grant Thornton, which would look pretty bad on their infographic.

  • Anonymous

    I must say these eight interactive pieces are very important for life. By applying that in regular life we can be happy easily.Thanks for sharing the great graph of Attitude to punctuality. It was really great learning for me.

  • r4

    Interesting survey!This one is looking like a mind mapping game.Its a well written article with good description of our mind’s ability to react to situation.

  • Olaf

    Notice that the “women in the boardroom” map shows the percentage of women in senior management for 24 countries, and then the percentage of women in the total workforce of GrantThornton, who made the graphic.

    Since they choose not to reveal their own fraction of women in senior management, I can only assume it’s embarrassingly low.

  • Phil Gyford

    InfoGraphic About InfoGraphics Does he mean


  • John Miller-Crispe

    How about doing a graphic comparing the deaths from Pharmaceutical Drugs vs road deaths or war deaths?

  • Dean Peters

    I’d only disagree with the West ‘Attitude to punctuality’ infographic … in that everyone knows that if you arrive at a meeting exactly at the designated time … that you’re already 5 minutes late!