In Deep Water: Can we afford to spill any oil?

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

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  • KT

    I’m also going add my call for an update here. As of 07/21/10 the well is *almost* capped and still leaking at a diminished rate with some concern that the whole seafloor might be subsiding and the well could completely collapse now that enough pressure has leaked out.

  • Alex

    No, and the answer is not because, your question is actually rhetorical, but because we’re using up our natural resources on an outstanding rate. Malthusianism brings us closer to a not so pleasant picture.

    All these oil spills are devastating to our maritime life, to our fauna, to our ecosystem. The 1978 was especially bad.

    I honestly believe that with the treaty at Kyoto, the European Union and the rest of the nations will try long-term to better handle the situation under a more professional tone and with real measures for a more sustainable environment.

  • Antonio Veiga

    29 more years of burning oil!
    Will life last that long?