Live-Vizzing The Emergency Budget

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Live Vizzing The Emergency Budget

“Live-vizzing” a graphic on the UK government’s emergency budget for The Guardian and Open Knowledge Foundation.

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  • DJR

    Why are some of the “empty” circles partially outside the overall black circle? Was this a stylistic decision or does it mean something data-wise?

  • litsl

    I wonder if you could visualize how much this is costing the banks, versus how much of this was caused by bank bailouts. Perhaps for good measure, show the bank bonuses!

  • dumbledad

    I’m perplexed by the choice of circular area to convey amount. Are we any good at judging proportions when they are presented as incomplete circles chopped out of a larger circle?

  • Nath

    Reminds me of Connect Four.

  • Mike Richards

    I’m completely confused by this graphic. Why are some of the circles entirely encompassed within the larger circle, and some (such as at bottom left) not?

    Also, it’s well-known that people are not good at determining relative values when confronted with circles. Here’s a helpful read for any other designers who might be mistakenly going down this route: