You’ve Been Quango’ed

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

The UK has over 1000 quangos (quasi-autonomous non-government organisations). Many will be nixed in the next wave of government austerity measures. Discover the biggest and the ones for whom the bell tolls..

See the mega-viz on the Guardian Datablog

This is a yomming visual full of detail. Too big for online, really. So we’ve created a downloadable hi-res A3 PDF and a mega-JPEG on Flickr for you to peruse at leisure.

Data here:

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  • Adam

    How does one go about making a graphic like this, so that it’s painless (to have consistency with the placement of text within the circle, in an automated way) and yet still looking good? I can’t imagine this is just a straight Photoshop task.

  • Gareth

    The Natural History Museum is up there twice: under Home and under Culture.

    You also claim it’s a list of UK quangos but then list only those sponsored by Westminster, i.e. ignoring all Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish quangos, many of which will be comparable in size to those included.

  • Julien Couvreur

    Sorry, I only heard of quangos from Tim Harford recently and I’m not very familiar.
    What is the connection between the austerity measures and closing those quangos?
    If they are non-government organizations, aren’t they autonomous?

    • Dave Plum

      They’re Quasi-Autonomous, hence the name, but they’re still funded by Government.

  • Jasper van Weerd

    Would be great to have on for the Nehterlands too ;)

  • John Dell

    Caught a typo on the graphic, for Northern Ireland Prison system it says “Nothern Ireland…” don’t know if has been caught yet, I know it’s nit picky but perhaps worth pointing out.