The BBC-o-Gram

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Recent controversy about the budget of the BBC here in the UK made me curious about its spending. Here’s the BBC-o-Gram, a visualization I created for the Guardian Datablog, exploring the costs of running one of the biggest broadcasters in the world.

See the visual.
See the Guardian post.
Explore the data.

Does the BBC provide good value?

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  • rantersparadise

    Can’t believe I have to pay for Lily Allen on BBC3 and Jonathan Ross! ITV, what a waste of money!

  • Johannes Henseler

    uh oh, who was first?
    the german newspaper “Die Zeit” with theire finance diagram?

    or the BBC diagram?

    [I designed both of them! - David]

  • Ed

    Just noticed that Euro 06 and Beijing both say £16, but have different sized rectangles?

  • Steve Bowbrick

    Do you use a tool to automate the first pass over the data? I’d love to be able to produce a visualisation like this for the school where I’m a governor but I don’t think we could afford your services! Keep up the good work!

    [Alas, I use my brain. David]

  • DanSmalley

    Good stuff as ever.

    There was a rather telling graph in the Economist that showed how besides Cbeebies, the BBC spends less per viewer on BBC One than it does for any other TV channel, making all the uproar over Ross’ wage a little dubious.

    Any chances of a VideoGame-o-Gram at some point? Actually, any sort of Media-o-Gram would be very interesting to me. Say for instance a typical Hollywood blockbuster’s budget broken down into all its component parts just to see where all the money goes.

  • erik r.

    is there a way to add in a list of compounds associated with a specific plant?
    for example, ganoderma and excellium are two of the compounds for the red reishi mushroom.
    and is it feasible to make a variant that shows amount of acceptable studies instead of google searches? i, for one, would rather know how many doctors are studying the compound than how many on the web are looking to find out info about the latest supercure.