The Solar System Music Box

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

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  • Maureen

    This is wonderful!

  • Ryan Haupt

    I had a friend send this to me just a few days ago. I was entranced.

  • AnonyMiss

    This was amazing. ^.^

  • Yoshi3329

    I love so simple and I love the choice of color!

  • bigjohn756

    I’m waiting for Neptune to strike.

  • Johan Van Loon

    Amazing ! But shouldn’t they exclude Pluto ? I thought it was no longer considered a planet ?
    Besides, it would be nice if they could make a difference (longer notes ?) for larger planets like Jupiter….

  • Walt

    Pluto is occasionally closer to the Sun than Neptune.

  • Drf

    @ Johan Van Loon: But it’s still a part of the Solar System. Perhaps SolarBeat 2.0 should include the other dwarf planets.

  • Diego

    Extraordinario, interesante y creativo!

  • Wes

    Johan, if you are complaining about Pluto’s inclusion, why do you have no issue with them including Ceres in the music box? That has never been a planet.

  • Edie B.

    Well, Ceres was considered a planet for some of the 19th century; then it was demoted to “asteroid.” Now it’s considered a dwarf planet, like Pluto, Eris, Makemake and Haumea. I only know this because I have a five-year-old space nut.

  • Mike Lemonick

    This is just insanely brilliant.

  • tom

    So, what is the beauty of a minimum font size, you are not able to zoom?
    can’t see it. nice ideas anyway :-)

  • JemK

    This is beautiful, such an interesting way to illustrate the solar system. Good work!

  • solisiter

    That’s a charming illustration of the theorie of “Music of the spheres”, which concept comes from Pythagoras, 26 centuries ago.
    Merci !

  • Daniel Ferry


    I made a replica of this in Excel. It’s actually pretty cool. It’s an animated chart with MIDI for the sounds. I just did the 8 real planets and left off the 2 planetoids. I called mine solarsong:


    Daniel Ferry

  • Will

    this is great, i’m 15 and do astronomy gcse and have already covered the solar system in our course, but this is really cool and i’m gonna tery and show my teacher and i think she too will be entranced by the simplicity… genius

  • Charlie

    How beautiful. It’d be really cool to see a blues scale version, too.

  • Jeff Collins

    This is actually really cool. Perhaps you can add a few of the exo planets to the mix?? :) Jeff