Updates Are Beautiful No 2

Monday, October 4th, 2010

We’ve been working on some under-the-hood updates on the site and content. Here they are:

Snake Oil

» Snake Oil Interactive Introducing an updated version of our interactive ‘living image’ on nutritional supps. Now you can click on bubbles to see key studies. Try it.
» Snake Oil Top to bottom revise of the data including the grand demotion of Evening Primose Oil for PMS and Chrondroitin for joints. But the promotion of Cocoa for health. Go chocolate! See the still-image, Google Doc of data, or the changelog for details.


» New Visualizations Page Browse the awesome viz archive more slickly.
» Threaded Comments Now we can have arguments within arguments!
» New Store We’ve integrated our poster store into the site. If you wish you can now bag signed copies of Information Is Beautiful and a exclusive new print of our TimeLines image.


» Handheld Is Beautiful A special beta-version of this site now awaits users of Iphone, Android, Palm, Samsung, Blackberry touch. Simply browse the site on your phone to activate it. (We’re still optimising & designing this aspect. Please leave any comments / ideas / features below)

All this is prep for an exciting new phase for Information Is Beautiful. Cool new projects will be launching soon. Stay tuned!

p.s. we’re hiring BTW

THANKS:Gene Robinson for Thematic theme customisation and general PHP wizardry

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  • Gary

    Snake Oil. Looks great, and at first looks useful. But all the small dots with no text – what are they? Do I have to click one to find out? No on-hover info?

    Hmmm. Kudos for the look and selection interaction. But a down-vote for usability one selections are made.

  • http://clubneko.net/ nick

    I would like to make the argument that since the comments section itself is an argument within the argument regarding the initial blog post, the new status should be for arguments within arguments within arguments.

    Let the argument begin!

    • http://clubneko.net/ nick

      Also, your billion-dollar-o-gram icon is arguably more visually appealing than the billion-dollar-o-gram itself. Something about the smallness and monotonality make it more highly nodal, in the William Gibson Idoru sense. Like there should be a page of billion-dollar-o-grams, each with that icon, that when clicked on should expand to their billion-dollar-o-grams, and in turn each of those should have their own sub-o-grams (like the US military section should be clickable to view the Army-Navy-CIA-Marines-etc budgets) on downwards.

      A tool like that to visualize and navigate the US/UK budgets might actually allow our societies to make some meaningful reform, when we can instantly grasp the imbalances as we drill our way down to where the money ultimately ends up when it leaves the government.

      Though I suspect a lot of those boxes would prove highly embarrassing to some people, as we started figuring out where the greatest inequalities are.

      • david

        thanks for kicking off

        feels like the indent on these arguments within arguments is not distinctive enough.

        I’m working on a billion dollar / pound interactive.

        • http://clubneko.net/ nick

          Maybe you could do some CSS voodoo and have a |-> type arrow as the background in the upper left of the nested comments, to indicate that they’re sub-threaded? If you want to go the CSS3 route, you might be able to have a different background appear depending on the depth of nesting (i.e. a arrow with number) to indicate the thread level.

          I have noticed that it’s a little awkward tracking nested comments in WordPress, especially when there’s multiple sub-threads. I’ll show you what I mean by replying to the post you replied to. (and i’ll hope it does what I’m expecting it to, otherwise I’m gonna look the fool)

      • http://clubneko.net/ nick

        And here’s a reply to illustrate the multiply-threaded comment nesting.

        • http://clubneko.net/ nick

          Well, I was going to edit my above post and say “Well, yours is better than most I’ve seen, which rather tend to resemble the comments section on this professor’s blog.” But it seems the editing link doesn’t work. So you get another reply to stress test your comment threading instead. :D

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