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Monday, February 8th, 2010

My lovely book, Information Is Beautiful, is out in the UK (Amazon). To celebrate, I’ve teamed up with HarperCollins to give away five signed copies.

All you have to do to enter the prize draw is become a fan on our much-neglected-but-soon-not-to-be-so-neglected Facebook fan page.

We’ll choose five members of the group at random on Monday 15th February and contact them via email. It’ll be my pleasure to write a personal message in each copy.

Here’s the link to the Facebook group. See you on there.

The Book

Information Is Beautiful is a collection of infographics, data visualisations and information designs, covering everything from pop to philosophy – all with the minimum of words. Inspired by the experience of clicking through the web, it has no chapters, no overt structure – it’s just beautifully random.

The UK version essentially the same book as the US copy, The Visual Miscellaneum. Except it’s a true hardback book and it’s printed on uncoated (matt) paper, rather than coated (shiny) paper of the American version. Personally I think it makes for a more ‘arty’ book. Plus it has *that smell*. One I’m, in fact, huffing right now.

Please note: Since the US and UK versions were printed at the same time (last year), so the first edition of the UK version has the same minor printing errors. They affect 12 of the 256 pages. Really sorry about that. I’ve uploaded an errata. It’s passworded. The password is the last word in the bottom right hand corner of page 159 of the book CASE SENSITIVE. Thank you.

Some more screenies to savour.

Link to the Facebook fan page. Order the book on American version here. Advert over.

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  • Mark Whybird

    On a slightly related note, what happened to the drawings of souls thing? Did I miss something?

    [Sorry, yes - it's coming soon - David]

  • Karma

    Hi there, I am not on Facebook, does this mean I can’t enter?

  • d.

    Isn’t it a facebook page?

  • Preetham Venkky

    Hi David

    Just became a fan of your Facebook Page. Being a Social Media expert, I would like to aptly point out that the link in your blog points to a Facebook Page and not a Group :) To Facebook users it means a world of a difference. But all the best to you and I hope I’m one of the luck 5 –

  • Adrian Jones

    Waterstones delivered mine last Monday. It is indeed a thing of great beauty.

  • Ellie

    I wanna, I Wanna, I WANNA!

    Actually, I’ve bought a copy from but if I win another one I know exactly who I’ll give it to :)

  • nshephard

    Looks very nice, you must be very proud to have it as a physical entity available to the masses.

    Not on Farcebook myself though, so will have to fork out for a copy (probably would have had to anyway!).

  • Fabio

    And what about the last prize draw?

  • Joël Cox

    Hmm. I like the UK cover better. Sadly I already have the US version on my shelf. Goodluck on the draw all.

  • Mykel

    Is this new version going to be available in the US anytime soon? I’d much prefer to have a hardcover version.

    [Alas, no. It's all Visual Miscellaneum over there. Sorry. - David]

  • Daniel Smith

    Did you include Reasons to Believe’s position in your Creationism-Evolutionism spectrum? I don’t see it in the image above but I can’t zoom in either. Their’s in an integrated approach. You can learn all about it online at They are well published – web, radio, and books. A rather good comparison of the RTB model and three other popular models is located in the back of the book Origins of Life –

    Just thought you’d want to know.

    [Thanks! I'll check it out - David]

  • Dawn Crawford

    oh, oh, oh I want to win!

  • Greg

    Surely as the fan who just became the 2,500th fan of Information Is Beautiful’s fan page means I deserve a few extra slots in the picking! Or hell, I’ll just go ahead and take one of them ;-) Kidding and while I do actually already own a copy, a signed copy would be very nice indeed.

  • Helen Cronin

    You got me. I’ve actually gone and bought a copy. Couldn’t wait to see if I won it as a prize.

  • McKay Edgar

    This is so exciting! I’ll have to buy it if I lose =]

  • Svlad Cjelli


  • Ryan Haupt

    Are Americans eligible for the contest?

  • Niels

    Already got the book :D
    One hell of a book, awesome colors and beatiful infographics.
    Sits on my desk as a source of inspiration, a must have for every infographic designer!

  • Dax

    Excellent! Ordered one just now with priority shipping the the U.S. Can’t wait to get it.

  • Paul

    Will there be a 2nd edition print with these errors corrected?

  • Roswitha

    I’m *quite* sure you just haven’t gotten around to notifying me! Lovely book, btw.

  • bariatric surgery

    These are pretty am awesome signs.I must say there is really very colors.The infographics is pretty beautiful.Thanks for sharing such a great stuff here.I am very delighted to view all of it.

  • Gio

    Well, my chances to win are running low… so i buy it on amazon… They deliver to Brazil only in 30 days… so i sit and wait, wait, wait….

  • Fraser

    Im am analyst at a big technology company and just discovered you today. I am hoping for some inspiration in my work!

  • Eliza

    Gorgeous lovely book. I’m in the US – any way to get the nicer (matte) version over here?

  • Arnaud

    I have a (semi-)related question. On the bottom of there is an image/link stating “The Visual Miscellaneum (blablabla) NEW, 2nd edition, order”.

    Does this really mean a second edition is in print or is this an erroneous message?

  • TchmilFan

    Ditto the one above… there’s a second edition? Will there be a UK 2nd ed?

    Congrats on the excellent Snake Oil diagram.

  • Pepe

    Wow. This is super-awsom!
    Thank you, I never knew this kind of thing existed. So far my best visualizations have been from

    P.S. I found you through

  • Viv


    I’ve had the book for a while now, and I come here for the errata on the missing information, but it’s gone (the link doesn’t really lead anywhere)! Is there any way I can fill in the blanks in my book?