Win Signed Copies of the Visual Miscellaneum!

Monday, January 11th, 2010

The Visual Miscellaneum sold out in North America over Christmas. Woo! Thanks to all those who bought a copy.

Thanks to my publishers HarperCollins, I now hold what could be the last five copies of the first edition.

I’d like to sign them and give away to you, lovely readers. Before this site goes all Information Is Beautiful on your ass.

To enter the prize draw, just leave a comment below.

On Saturday 16th January I’ll pick five winners at random and contact them via email.

(BTW Apols for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been working on some cool new stuff to be released v. soon).

UPDATE: Thank you for all your entries and the lovely comments. I have been blushing continuously all week. Comments are closed now. But I’ll be picking winners on Monday 18th.

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  • Jon

    I love this site! Keep up the good work.

  • alisonbeattie

    glorious! would love a signed copy – just love it!

  • Alexandra

    I would love to have one of the copies! I admire your work and I would be proud to win one of those exemplars! Keep up the great work! And yes, information is beautiful!

  • Sheri

    Please, please pick me!

  • Dan Murray

    I have not purchased your book yet but I can “visualize” doing so in the near future.

  • Ravi Narayanan

    Congratulations. I wish I have a copy.

  • Onkel Mo

    I’d really love to have a copy.

  • Mesrop Abrahamian

    The world is separated in to two classes. Those that want to know and those that dont. Unfortunately the easier path is more traveled. This website shows to difference between ignorance is bliss and knowledge is life.

  • Nick Fedoroff

    Information really revs my engine. Great book. Love one.

  • magnus kim

    Would love one of those books – great site.

  • Tony Kennedy

    this will raise visual values forever

  • Richard

    Looking forward to se a copy in Norway!

  • John

    I design infographics for my university newspaper, and your blog is one of several on my feed reader that I look to for inspiration. A copy of the book would be awesome. You should know that even if readers like myself don’t comment, you still have loyal readers! Keep up the good work.

  • Warren N

    Excellent site! :D

  • Mina Hanna

    Greetings from an Egyptian architecture student residing in Canada.
    Your site is very intriguing and influential; even useful as an interdisciplinary field along with architecture. Similarly to what you do, we map and visualize spaces and ideas graphically.
    Can’t wait to get hold of your book…

  • Chris Patterson

    I love stuff.

  • Ralph

    Just in time! Could you visualize the odds of me still getting a copy ?

  • Ryan Bergeman

    Congratulations on the book sales! A signed copy of The Visual Miscellaneum would be incredible. Thank you for sharing your superb work.

  • Christina Ann Coffin

    I just heard about this book, and found my way here. Nice concept for a book, and I like the graphic design, i’d love a copy!

  • Margo

    omgosh I hope I win. This book looks so beautiful.

  • dvbowk

    love your stuff, nothing shows information like an artful piece of work

  • Jim Stark

    I had this book on my wish list for Christmas and didn’t get it.

    My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and you could make me happy again!

  • Dibyo

    Hey Hey Me Me! in Singapore!

  • Jen

    Your book is not available to Australians – I would have bought it by now if I could have – so I’m reduced to begged via comments. sigh. It’s totally worth it though!

  • Gordon D. Bonnar

    I think you are absolutely brilliant and have been trying to get my hands on a copy of this book. Best regards from Canada.

  • ron

    yeah! sign me up!

  • emily

    ooh, ooh — pick me!

  • Tien

    thanks for the competition!

  • p3rpl3x

    love to see some beautiful information in Australia : )