Final Call: What Does Your Soul Look Like?

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

What Does Your Soul Look Like?
Way back, way back in time (er 2009), we asked you to draw your souls. Just a five-minute sketch as part of a piece of interactive art.

We were curious about how people perceive their ‘souls’. Hell, we could even maybe visualize a taxonomy of souls?

Anyway, we’ve had loads of entries. Loads. Such lovely ones, too. And in this case, more is more.

So feel free to send us your hand-drawn soul. Which can mean your self, your personality, your insides, however you see your you. Just follow the instructions below and be part of the mass.


Here’s what to do
Please draw your soul on white paper with a black or dark pen. (Although colour is okay too, if you feel you really need it.) Then scan, webcam or photo it and upload it to:
InformationIsSoulful AT Gmail

(You can also draw on the computer if you really want. Though I think hand-drawn might be more…soulful?)

: Create a moment for yourself to do it.
: Be expressive.
: Don’t think about it too much. Just draw whatever comes to mind. 1st drafts are good.
: It can be as simple or as complex as you like
: IMPORTANT: Please mark your picture in one corner to indicate whether you are male (M), female (F) or transgender (T).

If you’re webcamming or photo’ing, please use a flash or good lighting. Ideally it’ll be pretty much in focus. And filling the frame with the minimum of creases and crinkles.

Credits & Anonymity
If you’re happy for your name to appear in the credit lists of any resulting image, please write words like ‘HAPPY TO BE CREDITED’ in your email. Otherwise, we will treat your submission as anonymous. (If you want to be fully anonymous, you can use

That email address is: InformationIsSoulful AT Gmail

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  • Rev C.

    What if you don’t identify as male or female?

    • Alex, Editor

      Thanks, Rev C. You make an important point.

      We’ve edited the post to ask you to mark male, female or transgender.

  • evan

    is the DJ Shadow reference intentional?

  • Michael

    When’s the due date for this final call? Thanks!

  • ksi

    oh no no no, I’m not submitting my soul to you

  • Daily Messages

    Intersting activity you have here! Will try it one of these days.

  • James

    So when will get chance to see all these souls…I’m intrigued!

    • Terry

      Is this still open?

      • Alex, Editor

        Hi Terry,

        Yep, still open. For a couple more weeks.


  • lou sid linesman

    i wasn’t sure…so i asked my soulmate – and she said it looked like shit

  • Subhash Davda

    What’s the font in which soul is written?

  • Kathryn

    What if my art does not communicate what my soul expresses….not enough transcendent intelligence to do it justice.

    Milw., Wi

  • Psychic Philosopher

    My soul looks like the fractal rainbow swirls gleaming in a puddle of gas spilled on sunny pavement.

    Minus the oiliness & grit, mostly,
    at least in my better moments.

    Lifted up into a cloud that’s sometimes cloudy, sometimes clear. Always happy to sail.

  • Anniechas


    I’ve been following your idea since 2009 and I’m very anxious to see the results!

    Any predictions on when the data will be published? A sneak peek maybe?? :)

  • MIKE

    What if my art does not communicate what my soul expresses….not enough transcendent intelligence to do it justice.