Great Infographics No.12

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Great Infographics -

    • The RH Foundation Really nice interactive viz tracking various funds donated by the Rootstein Hopkins Foundation. A great example of essentially very dry data given life by visualization. Shame the bubbles are not scaled according to the size of the awards. But gorgeous design from


    • Flowering emotion A lovely redraw of Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions. Not sure I agree with Plutchik’s structures (interest-anticipation-vigilance?) – but it’s an intriguing symbol to contemplate. Redrawn by Shell Greenier.
    • Plant Companions Which plants grow well together and protect each other. Pretty viz from New Scientist. Graphiked Grafixnige.



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  • kirsty

    I agree with what you say about the Rootstein Hopkins Foundation visualization: It’s definitely cool, but it would be way cooler if the bubbles were scaled according to the size of the awards.

  • nick

    The RH Foundation’s vis is a great idea, but it’s calculating the browser window or screen size improperly. As it is, I’m not sure I get to all the bubbles on the top and left side. The top is cut off under the banner and on the left side there are a couple bubbles that only come halfway onto the screen – I can’t tell if there are more to be had or not. There are also huge chunks of whitespace on the right and bottom. Tested in Chrome 11/Firefox 4/IE9/Flash 10, in fullscreen, just maximized, and window mode.

    Anyone else having a similar problem?

  • eveltia

    this is really nice, regards from spain!

  • Daniel Smith

    I like Plutchik’s organization, but some of the terms he used are a bit strange. Then again, what would you call the strongest form of anticipation? Some words change their meaning over time which adds to the confusion.

    Nonetheless, I have two problems with this new flower – it’s entirely too light to read the text. Why not put it on a black background? Secondly, Plutchik’s theory is more detailed about how emotions mix and match. The flower shown here only includes the main 8 emotions, their levels, and the only the adjacent matches which he called dyads. A much more interesting visual would be one that included all three levels of dyads which mix and match each of the 8 emotions in every combination. (Opposites cancel each other out and so are not included as dyads.)

  • Mikael Ishhanian

    Here’s some infographic project I’ve made last year… :)

    BTW Last week I bought your book, I was pretty schocked that I’m finding it at a bulgarian bookstore.

  • Lena

    Hello everybody! I found very interesting Infographic, have look at