Hierarchy of Digital Distractions @ MoMA

Monday, July 25th, 2011

The Hierarchy of Digital Distraction - Information Is Beautiful - David McCandlessVery honoured that the Hierarchy of Digital Distractions features in the latest exhibition at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York.

“Talk To Me”, curated by the legendary Paola Antonelli, explores how innovations in communication design are transforming our lives. It features interactive objects, data visualizations, and brain-blending guerilla tech projects.

The Hierarchy Of Digital Distractions explores and visualizes the subtle, invisible structure I use to prioritize one digital distraction over another. Check out its page on MoMA and press some buttons. (if you tweet, use #ttmhierarchy).

limited edition prints

To celebrate, I’ve created a batch limited edition prints. Oh man – they’re gorgeous.

I thought it would be ironic to render such a technological-themed viz with the really old-school “risograph” print technique. It produces a really grainy, smudgy, soulful ‘old-school’ look. (Thanks to HatoPress in London for their awesomely detailed work).

Look at that!
Hierarchy Of Digital Distractions - David McCandless - Limited edition prints
(They’re also super eco-friendly: printed on recycled art paper with soy-based inks.)

You can order limited edition signed prints now in our store.

source: my tawdry life

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  • http://karlandersson.se/ Karl

    Beautiful! This is me too – with the addition of porn. ;)

    • http://www.andrewgroat.com Andrew Groat

      Glad someone said it!

  • Spirulina

    Lol. Very interesting

  • Jan

    Cool! This is fun… and I can totally relate to this… ;)

  • ted kathan

    nice looking. Although I don’t quite understand the logic of it. Why should iphone on top of facebook/twitter/email and lots of stuff. I think it should be parallel or something…

  • R4

    skype is easy~

  • http://www.andrewgroat.com Andrew Groat

    Nice! I’m going to put this on my wall at work.

  • http://reflectingalife Elle

    I just found your site and I absolutely love it…no really…I love it.