Most Common Words In Toy Adverts

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Most common words in toy adverts, split by gender. From The Achilles Effect.

Unsurprising results – but still worth tutting over.

See them rendered in Wordle too – boys & girls.

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  • Maldoror

    How did he distinguish between boys and girls adverts? Was it based on the content?
    In that case my tutting is reserved for the methodology…

  • Maximo

    a sign of the times, I guess… The boys from Mars and the girls from venus…

    • S

      Too bad we are both from earth.

  • Guy Procter

    This would have hat me tutting like a woodpecker before I had children. Now I have one of each my nature v nurture philosophy has been turned on its head. Boys/girls are made of, and love, that stuff, and toys reflect that, imho

  • Marmot

    I agree with Guy. Anyone who thinks we are nurturing these tendencies into our kids, doesn’t have kids. You could have locked my oldest son in a room with nothing but crayons and paper (and sustenance) for his first three years, and when you walked in the room at the end of the three years he would pretend to shoot you with the crayon

    • Single Dad

      Mine would have done the same. Although, my hope would be he would be creative enough to build the gun out of paper and use the crayons as bullets.

  • CabotAR

    Great article!! This something I have never seen on any other website that makes each of us give thought.

  • Tudor

    Guy/Marmot/Single Dad. How so? I somehow doubt very much that guns are programmed into our genes? Your little kids pretend to shoot you becuase they have copied these actions from somewhere. They are not programmed to shoot from birth, maybe you should look at the stuff they are exposed to, as it clearly is not just creyons. Contrary to Marmots statement, I do have a kid, and he does not pretend to shoot anybody.



  • Gregor

    I thinks it is really frightening that “battle” is the most used word in adverts targeted at children – are we raising the kids to live or to fight?

  • Matt

    The trite term “fight or flight” is often stated. It seems that this is totally nature. And the graphic is a reflection of that…interesting.

  • Jeena

    Tudor, you bring up an interesting point. Real life is a constant struggle, but guns are not part of our genetics.

  • Strategic Capital

    how did you figure this out?

  • TwistedByKnaves


  • Shelby

    Interesting that I’ve had the opposite experience with my daughter and as a child. My daughter is 2.5 years old. She does like dresses much more than I ever did, but we are both a bit tomboy-ish. I make an effort to give her the opportunity to explore both girl toys and boy toys and she enjoys both equally. As children, my brother and I were given the same opportunities. We both turned out fine, I think, even though I had trucks and He-man dolls and he had a Cabbage patch kid or two. Sometimes we put gender roles into the minds of our children without even realizing it. I have learned from my daughter that she is much more observant that I ever thought children and babies could be.

  • John

    Deep analysis if the adverts. nice article. worth every min.

  • EKG Interpretation

    This is a most fascinating graphic. And the comments from all the parents make me wonder about the nature vs nurture aspect…