Win $3000 in our first information design competition

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Your design creativity could win you $3000. Even if you can’t design.

We’ve launched a series of monthly visualization competitions They’ll run alongside our shiny new annual Information is Beautiful Awards.

First challenge: visualize data on the world’s non-renewable resources. Specifically, how long they might last.

I had a page on this in my book. But I’ve never been entirely happy with it. Can you do better?

If so, you could bag $2,000 for a design. That’s chunky.

And don’t worry if you can’t design. If you’ve got a brain and a pencil but no design skillz, you can still submit a sketch of your idea. There’s $1,000 prize for such “napkin” entries.

Yeah. Everyone can make information beautiful.

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  • rizal

    What is the terms and condition for this competition? Is this available worldwide ?

  • Andrew Groat

    Great idea. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with :-)

  • gsoto

    Any chance to see the one in the book? :)

    • Alex, Editor

      Hi gsoto,

      We think there’s big room for improvement on the version in the book – it was very straightforward.

      So don’t let the old one fog your imagination. Give us a new take.


      • gcarterIT

        I’m with gsoto in the sense seeing the existing graphic would prevent us from submitting something very similar. But in its absence, don’t sue us for plagiarism, if our submission is similar :)

  • verbal_in

    Rly hard and interesting task :)
    Are u going to publish all the works or only semifinalists? I’d love to see all the works what will be.

  • Colin

    How do we submit our work?

  • James Adams

    I’ve emailed my entry to (as instructed) but haven’t yet received an acknowledgement. Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to use the Submit Your Work form and pay £10?

    • Alex, Editor

      Hi James,

      You’ve used the right submission method for the challenge, don’t worry. Your entry is in the awards site’s inbox.

      It being the last day, we’ve had a sudden influx of submissions so we haven’t been able to ping a quick confirmation to everyone yet. We will.

      Thanks for your entry,

      • James Adams

        Thanks Alex. Thought that might be a factor.

  • sam

    its already 17th..
    eagerly waiting for the results!!!
    plz put ‘em up fast.

  • Matt Knott

    Some great work on here, beautiful interactive and sketchy entries. I’m honoured to be amongst the shortlisted. Will there be an exhibition of all of the entries?

    • verbal_in

      Your work i think is the best of napkin part :)
      Why you didn’t made a complete design out of it?

      • Matt Knott

        Thanks verbal_in

        I was so pushed for time this past month, I just couldn’t find the time to do it justice as a complete design. I do have a couple of people who are interested in doing a combined effort with some sound and interactivity, so you may see something of a development soon.