Plenty More Fish In The Sea?

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Plenty more fish in the sea - Information Is Beautiful

A visualization of the state of Atlantic fish stocks past and present for The Guardian. Commissioned by The Pew Charitable Trusts as part of European Fish Week

» See the vizualisation on The Guardian Datablog
» Find out more about fish week and see more visualisations at

(Oh, I also made an animated version)


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  • simo

    Where is the data? is it possible to see the trend? (like 1920 / 1940 / 1950 … and so on?)

  • NIgel Hawtin

    we also published something recently showing where Cod (for instance) can be sustainably caught. Full data could be obtained from

  • Jacques

    Is there really a strip of fewer fish (orange) that lies between most of the blue and tan regions? That seems… odd to me.

    Maybe the legend is a off?
    Could be that fish are just odd or that I’m reading it incorrectly…

  • amrit

    If the animated version is showing the real picture of information then we are wrecking our own world.

  • Heather

    This is impossible! If the animation is correct then we should probably start taking pictures of fish because there won’t be any soon, so we have something to show to our children. This is a catastrophe.

  • David

    White isn’t a colour on the scale. So unless you’re saying there’s no data, or literally no fish, then it’s uninformative at best, misleading at worst.

  • Shital More

    Picture is not very clear. However I can guess that orange is the region of fish. Then it surely a true saying that Plenty of more fish in the sea. Must be true.

  • ted kathan

    I doubt orange is symbol of fish. Looks more like an island to me