Aimes-tu La Datavision?

Monday, November 7th, 2011

The French edition of our book – Datavision – is out. Très excitant!

You can have a interactive leaf through some of the book’s pages here.

And then pop over to Amazon to snag a copy.

Apparently French kids are already calling it “archifrais” (“super-fresh!”).


Information Is Beautiful French version

Win A Copy

We’re so excited about this, we’re going to give a copy to five of you, our beautiful readers.

*** Update ***
The winners are:

- Jonathan Cantor, New York
- Irina Pinjaeva, Moscow
- Michiel Vandewalle, Bruges
- Rebecca Rubin, Washington DC
- Emmanuel Alquier, Paris

Millard Euro-O-Gram

Millard Euro-o-Gram
In the meantime, whet your Datavision appetites with this Francophilic Billion Euro-o-Gram we created recently for Le Monde.

It’s available in Francophonic format too. (sorry it looks a bit ropey – French words are longer – see a higher rez version here (browse to page 20)

DESIGN & RESEARCH: David McCandless
SOURCES: Le Monde, BBC, Forbes and other media reports

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  • PomPom

    tu aimeS <-

  • Joe

    Tu aimes. FYI

  • Sylvain Comte

    Great! hope i can read it soon…

    Just let me say that your title should be “Aimes-tu Datavision?” or (better since it may concern several people) “Aimez-vous Datavision?”. I know that french language just sucks with “you” translation… Please note also that “excitant” does not exactly mean “exciting”. It’s just a bit more “sexual” in french. You should prefer “enthousiasmant”, “intéressant” or “passionnant”.

  • Ben

    Hey Alex,
    Great work, indeed, but please rename your title so it won’t look silly to your french readers “Tu aimes la datavision?”
    By the way, I’m from Paris, and i’ve never heard of “archifrais” (though I’ve heard often “frais”)… well, I guess I’m not a kid anymore…

  • krycek

    Your title. Please. Correct it as “Tu aimes [...]” (missing 1 s).
    (And remove this post ;) )

  • V.

    If I may, it would be: “Tu aimes le Datavision?” or, even better, “Aimes-tu le Datavision?”

    Congrats anyway!

  • Nicolas

    Great ! I know what to ask to Santa Claus this year ! ;-)
    Sylvain is right about his remarks.
    One last thing. In french, we usually says “la datavision” rather than “le”.
    So, in french, your title should be “Aimez-vous la Datavision ?” or, more incentive, “Vous aimez la Datavision ?”.
    That’s the power of infographics : datas and pictures erase the barriers of languages.
    That’s a great thing for me too ;-)

  • Julien

    Great stuff, didnt even know this was in your projects!
    Thanks a lot!

  • Stephane

    Yes, please correct the title

    2 grammatical errors within 4 words … U’re good

  • Aleph

    I was about to post a comment to explain the mistake in the title… but it seems that it has already been pointed out.

    Reading the comments, I realize that everybody is focusing on this mistake and forget to tell you how great and interesting your work is.

    Don’t blame us for being fussy about it. Our language is very tricky and this kind of mistakes is frowned upon.

    Anyway, It’s really a good news. I’m putting it on my X-mas list.

  • bibousiq

    Who won ?

  • Émilie Roy-Brière

    This book does not include the “Time Travel graph” ? Too bad …

  • Hans Sandkuhl

    On adore, very usefull!