We’re hiring! Again!

Friday, November 25th, 2011

**Applications are now closed.**
If you sent one in, thank you. We’ll be in touch with shortlisted people early in the New Year.

Want to be a part of the Information Is Beautiful team? Now’s your chance.

We’ve got loads of interesting book, web and film projects looming, including a new tome from David.

You’ll earn decent money, develop amazing prospects, and work with a fun and lovely team.

  • Designers – Are you an all-rounder with a perfectionist slant? Do you have a demonstrable interest in infographics and visualisations and all things beautiful? Junior & middleweight.
  • Researchers – Are you a fact-hound who’s nimble with a spreadsheet? Can you see the stories that numbers tell? Are you accurate, methodical, geeky, FAST?
  • Interns (design and research) – Do you love infographics and visualisations? Do you want to learn a thing or two while you help us out? (And actually get paid for your time.)
  • Flash & HTML5 ninjas (design and research) – Do you like to code data so it comes alive? Want to extend your skills into dynamic, unfolding, playful data visualisations? Thought so.

What you need to send us:
- your CV
- portfolio and/or links to your work (for designers / ninjas)
- some quick reasons why you fit our bill
- the dates you’re available for work
- your location (we’re in London, so it’d help if you are too – though we have possibilities for remote work)

Help us spot your email. Make the subject line [Job title you're applying for] – [Your Name]

Applications close at midnight (GMT) on Friday, 9th December, 2011.

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  • http://cargocollective.com/rubensousa ruben


    I’m trying to get an internship, so I would like to know if is possible to apply at your studio.

  • Dan


    Just to confirm, does “Applications close at midnight (GMT) on Friday, 9th December, 2011″ mean that applications close very first thing in the morning on Friday, or very last thing on Friday? I would assume the latter, but after a significant debate with my better half, her insisting that your deadline means I’ll have to submit an application at the latest, just before the clock strikes 23:59:59 on Thursday night. I’ve had my previous convictions nocked, and her insistance of trawling all over the internet, finding evidence to back up her argument worries me that I have less time than I had planned for, having only discovered your announcement of postions opening recently. It’s not a problem either way, but could you confirm exactly when we will have to submit my materials by?

    Sorry to be so pedantic.


    • Alex, Editor

      Hi Dan,

      It’s midnight at the end of Friday. We’re giving you riiiiiight up until the weekend to get your stuff to us.


      • Dan

        That’s great! Thanks for the reply Alex!

        Not only do I get to spend my time leisurely getting my things together, I also get to win an argument!


  • Daniel

    I see I’m not the only daniel (:

    What a shame that it’s GMT! I’m all the way in chicago so I got 6 hours less than the competition. Ah well.

    Oh and Dan, I was confused too, but 0:00 Friday usually implies Thursday at midnight, and midnight friday really means 0:00 Saturday. Don’t know if you use military time, 24:00 Friday = 0:00 Saturday.

    I am thinking of applying but it will depend on how the design challenge goes (:

  • Shinji

    Have the replies been sent out yet?


    • Alex, Editor

      Hi Shinji,

      Design and research applicants will hear this week whether they have an interview.

      Internship applicants will hear about interviews in the week of 23rd January.


      • Shinji

        Thanks Alex