7-way Venn

Friday, July 13th, 2012

7-way Venn
Can’t stop looking at this. Thought I would share. See it bigger here. [via]

Check out this amazing interactive version by Santiago Ortiz

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  • http://www.rmorrison.net Richard Morrison

    This one is attractively arranged. My friend Quentin has a PDF of a 10 set Venn Diagram. For the full story:


  • Amanda

    Wow. Unreal. A couple of the labels are wrong or not in the area where they belong but the diagram… The Diagram! Swoon.

  • http://blog.monstuff.com Julien Couvreur

    Beautifully symmetric

  • Gijs

    Just out of curiosity: Would there be a mathematical upper limit on how many shapes can be combined so that all possible overlaps are present in 2d space? And a bonus question: Does increasing the number of shapes mean that the edges of the form change in a predictable/calculable way?

    • @davidgibson

      I was also curious whether all of these will be 4-colorable (they should be) so I created a version with color for the sets of 1,2,3,4,5,6,and 7 numerals.

  • http://jubilo.ca ::jubilo::haku::

    http://ow.ly/i/LX58/original here is a clenaer version

  • http://www.jordan-dimov.com/ Jordan Dimov

    There’s a small mistake in it: 102 should be 12 (in the upper left-hand corner, where 1 and 2 overlap).

  • http://www.tvspiegel.com Wandspiegel

    yes, this is made of awesome.

  • Jenn

    Oh wow. I want to color it so bad!

  • Annie

    It would be symbolically cool (to me, anyway) to use the numbers 142857, which when repeated infinitely (after a decimal point) are the decimal equivalent of 1/7. Harks back to ancient Babylonian sacred geometry! That’s one reason I love seeing this beautiful interlocking design! (Ha ha, I’m tempted to say “intelligent design” but won’t in case anyone thinks I’m serious about THAT aspect!)

  • Annie

    Oops, just counted the numbers I suggest and realized there’s only six! D’oh. Nevermind… :)

  • Herman G. Dolder

    It’s not that hard!

    It took me an hour to make this:

    It was my first one. The next one could take me 5 minutes.

    Greetings from Ushuaia.

  • http://josep.valls.name Josep Valls
  • http://imagicdigital.com Danya Henninger

    Here’s my colored version, and a downloadable layered PDF as well: http://www.phillydesignblog.com/2012/09/seven-way-venn-colored/