Brian Eno to judge our $30,000 data visualization awards

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

So we’re running the world’s first global awards, celebrating excellence in data visualizations, infographics and information art. Yeah!

Kind sponsors Kantar have laid $30,000 on the table to reward the winners and celebrate the field.


Who are the judges?

Excitingly, we’re super-honoured to welcome Brian Eno to our judging panel. He joins senior curator at the MoMA Paola Antonelli, The Guardian Datablog’s editor Simon Rogers and um, myself David McCandless.

Here’s the complete roll call. See their bios and details.

Yes, the final judge is you! We’ll be inviting you and the online infoviz community at large to vote on entries and become a single ‘meta-judge’ on our panel.

Who can enter?

It’s open to all comers – pro and ‘amateur’, individual, team or studio, media, art, corporate – whatever, where ever. This is a truly global contest.

Long- and short-listed entries will be exhibited here and on the awards site. So your work will be seen by many, many eyes. Winners will win cash prizes, a unique trophy and mondo kudos.

Where and when to enter

So if you’re making viral infographics, vizzing statistics, campaigning with data journalism, rendering geo-data, designing your company’s internal processes – submit your entry today. It costs just $10 to enter. That means it won’t cost a chunk to have your work seen and lauded.

Closing date: 31st May 2012.
Long list: 25th June 2012.
Short list: 9th July 2012.
Winners: by 31st July 2012.

Categories and prizes

Somewhat inevitably here’s an information graphic that explains all the categories and prizes.

Submit your entry today. Best of luck!

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  • luke w

    Wowzahs, what a panel. Looking forward to seeing what fruits this produces …

  • Audree

    The difference between data visualization and interactive visualization might need to be explained. Does the data visualization category only includes interactives, and statics go into the infographic category? And then interactive infographics are left to the interactive category?

    An explanation of what is expected for each category would be welcomed.

  • lopezmaps

    two more questions:

    can the entries be in french, italian or spanish… or just in english?
    if any entry is not on line any more… is that a problem?

  • betty

    hello, I think the idea of the competition is really interesting but maybe the submission should be free