Chicks rule?

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Back in 2010 we calculated there were 74 million more women on social networks than men. We’ve had a fresh look at the data. In the age of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, do chicks still rule?

» See the new diagram
» See the old diagram


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  • Chaz

    I didn’t know it was a competition.

  • http://lisatheknitter.wordpress.com Lisa

    Let’s all time travel back to 1992 when calling women “chicks” was still cool.

  • Tait B

    I guess imgur is tied to reddit? I would suspect a mostly male population, but I don’t have the data.

  • EB

    this diagram is really bad.
    looking at it i would say that there is around an equal total visits of female and male (as there are some places men are majority and some that women are).
    However, the bottom line is that there are 99 MILLION more women visits in social networks. this is around 5% more for the women side in total.

    I think that sorting via percentage is not a good idea here and that having the figures change size according to amount of visits would have been a better idea.