Final Call for Entries to our Infoviz Awards

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

The final entry date for our visualization awards is 31st May.

If you haven’t already submitted some work, here are five reasons to enter:

1) Entries will be judged by a stellar jury which includes Brian Eno.
2) There’s over $30,000 in prize-money to be handed out.
3) It’s the world’s first global information visualization awards.
4) Longlisted entries will be exhibited online.
5) It only costs $10 to enter.

Submit your entry now.

And feel free to nominate any pieces of work you think should be entered. Comment below or email.

Big thanks to Kantar for such a generous prize pot.

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  • simon ellis

    World Leaders Typographic Trump Cards
    Set of trump cards designed to compare and showcase individual typefaces and how they have been used by world leaders. Cards are compared by design year, creator, classification, influence, type family, rank and usage. Includes leaders such as Obama and the famous campaign use of Gotham by Hoefler & Frere Jones in 2008 and the french parliament rebranding of Sarkozy using Didot.

  • Rodrigo

    Long list?

  • amanda

    how about that long list?

  • http://TheHiddenWorldofTransactionalEmailIn David

    Suggest inforgraph:

    Transactional email in 2012 includes any email triggered by a user’s interaction with a web application, including signups, password changes, check-ins, notifications, and friend of follower requests. These emails typically contain information a user wants or needs and have the highest open rates across all categories of email.

  • Tanya Dicerbo

    Long list?

  • J

    Where’s the long list?!

    • Stuart

      Above he says “on or around” and on the official webpage it says “w/c July 16.” I had to look it up, but w/c means week commencing. So hold onto your butts.

      • J

        How hard is it to just pick a fixed date?

  • Troy

    Can you please give us an update?

    By my calculations you’ve accepted $10,000 from users and have nothing to show for it. Delays are one thing. A poverty of communication is another.

    You’ve delayed, promised a new date, and missed that date. You’ve shaken our confidence in the legitimacy of these awards. You owe us prompt and clear updates on the new timeline to keep these awards from turning into a complete mockery.