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Thursday, September 20th, 2012

We’re in the final stages voting for the winners of the Information is Beautiful Awards – and I really need your brains.
The votes from the official judges votes are in – and man, it’s so tight. We’re biting our nails down to the wrist.

The community acts as a meta-judge on the panel. Your votes will literally tip the balance one way or another.

You get just one vote, for one piece across the whole awards. So I recommend zooming in on a shortlist category you’re interested in, and slamming the ‘vote now’ button on your favourite piece. It’ll take 2 minutes.

» Data visualization
» Infographic
» Interactive visualization
» Data journalism
» Motion infographic
» Tool or website

Voting closes midday GMT on Monday 24th September 2012.

Thank you!

Win a ticket to our awards ceremony!

The winners will be announced at a party at the ICA in London on Thursday 27th September, starting 7pm GMT. Hosted by our kind sponsors Kantar.

We have 10 x free tickets to give away. You have to be free and in London on that date to apply. Just slam your email address below. We’ll pick winners at random on Monday.

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  • David Karger

    Not to be snarky, but from a data-visualization expert I’d expect a better user interface. Your “vote now” button looks like one that will take me to a voting page; I was surprised when I pressed it to discover that I’d actually cast my (only) vote!

    • David Karger

      actually, that was snarky. apologies (but still, please fix your interface!)

  • Paul

    Not sure if it’s my browser, but all of these are too low-res to see the details! They look like excellent visualisations, but small words are too blurry. (Yes tried zooming, etc).