The Top 21 Albums of 2011 from 120 Top 10 Lists

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

All the top-rated albums from all the top top-ten lists visualized. Try saying that with a mouthful of egg-nog.

Top 21 Albums of 2011 from 120 Top 10 Lists
Thanks to’s awesome data clumping.

Here’s nearly all of them on a single Spotify playlist.

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  • Someone

    Image does not show up.

    • Alex, Editor

      Sorry, folks! All sorted now.

      Thanks for pointing it out to us.

  • mules

    Image doesn’t seem to be loading

  • Chris Crewdson

    This appears broken…

  • Ben

    Am I being stupid or is the actual graphic missing??

  • julie

    The image isn’t populating. Thanks!

  • Charlie

    It’s The Weeknd, by the way – otherwise, splendid stuff :-)

  • simmeeee

    reckless & relentless by asking alexandria? sinners never sleep by you me at 6?

  • Mark

    Wow. Some pretty horrendous music. Not one good work amongst them.

    • RG

      ‘Let England Shake’ = not good? Crikey

  • n

    English Riviera*

  • Andy Kriebel

    Well, all I can say is that this is utterly useless information the way it’s presented. You can find my editorial and my own viz of this data here.

  • Eddie

    Wow, this is great! Cool Metacritic data clumping. I’m glad to see my favorite Kurt Vile “Smoke Ring for my Halo” made it to the top!

  • Jon Peltier

    How is this a better presentation than a list?

    • Jamie

      It’s worse than a list.
      A list at least has a discernible order.

    • miguel

      it’s more beautiful than a list…

  • Chris H

    What fonts were used in this graphic? Thanks!

  • Josh

    Would it make sens to put “Canadian” and “French” in different colours as well? At the moment they seem just indistinguishable (or are they also in different fonts?). And the small font American ones also took me some time to see.