Who Runs the World?

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Who Runs The World? - Information is Beautiful
Amid collapsing currencies, financial ruin and end-days gloom, might it be useful to know who’s really steering this sinking ship?

Who’s has the power? Who’s really in charge? It could be the US. Maybe the World Bank. But maybe, just maybe, it’s the SHAPESHIFTING LIZARDS!

Our stab at understanding the world government hierarchy: the Who Runs The World Pyramid of Power.

Who have we missed?


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  • B. Herring

    I think Goldman Sachs belongs in one of the diagrams, thoguh I’m not sure which one.

  • Blue

    This infographic is ridiculous. The United Nations doesn’t run the world any more than the Illuminati does, and to imply they do is misleading and irresponsible behavior that only fuels real conspiracy theorists.

  • Pascal

    Good on you for spreading the message of who owns the world to the visualization community. If only more people knew the truth about all this… We need to wake up :) If we can wake up with a nice visu then it’s even nicer!

  • Henk Poley

    You forgot the cabal of chemtrail pilots.

  • Eric

    It’s difficult to tell if the roll-over is intended to be joke, partly serious or serious. In any case, there is plenty of evidence to suggest you’re not so far off the mark. (Although I think you have ascribed more power to the Illuminati groups than they actually have).

  • DS
  • Boston Matrix

    If the UN has so much influence how come their demands go ignored so often?
    surely in an oil-based economy one would expect OPEC to have a little more influence than you credit them with.

    Be nice to see the ‘data’ this has been compiled from :o)

  • Jerry

    Shouldn’t the “military industrial complex” be integrated somewhere among the “true” leaders?

  • Angela Williams

    Lighten up Blue

  • Jotto999

    It’s difficult to tell if this is a joke or not (the internet can have that attribute). If this isn’t a joke, then it’s utterly idiotic. What is this doing on a site like informationisbeautiful? Non-conspiracy theorists don’t even think the UN runs the world (it really, really doesn’t). It is nonsensical on many points, and clearly isn’t compiled from data. I’m very disappointed to see this here.

    • Jotto999

      Okay, so it is now apparent to me that it is in fact a joke, making my earlier comment partially irrelevant. Still, it’s really not the sort of thing I come to this site to see, or perhaps I’m simply not versed in the site’s community enough. An edit button would be useful so I wouldn’t have to make this post.

  • http://www.currency-converter-calculator.com Mircea

    You forgot Greece =))

  • http://lasactividadeseconomicas.blogspot.com/ actividades economic

    i think the IMf is the same size as the World Bank