I’m David McCandless, a London-based author, writer and designer. I’ve written two beautiful infographic books and for The Guardian, Wired and others. I’m into anything strange and interesting.

These days I’m an independent data journalist and information designer. A passion of mine is visualizing information – facts, data, ideas, issues, statistics, questions – in graphical ways anyone can understand.

I’m interested in how designed information can help us understand the world, cut through BS & fake news, and reveal the hidden connections, patterns and stories underneath. Or, failing that, it can just look cool!

My pet-hate is pie charts. Love pie. Hate pie-charts.

Our mission

Myself and the small team here are out to to distil the world’s data, information and knowledge into beautiful and useful graphics & diagrams.

Our goal is always to help everyone make better, clearer, more informed decisions about the world.

So we base all our graphics & visualisations on facts & data. Illustrate multiple perspectives (even if we don’t agree with them). And, because knowledge is evolving and data is updated, constantly revise and revision our work.

Who funds us?

We are independent and entirely self-funded by sales of books & workshop tickets. We occasionally license our images and do commissioned projects for select commercial organisations.

Stay in touch

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More about David?

  • A book of my information designs was published by HarperCollins in the US and UK in 2009. It’s now available in over 10 languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and Korean. The sequel Knowledge is Beautiful was released in 2014 and has been published in five languages. Find out more
  • In the past, I’ve worked as a journalist, video games writer, satirist, copywriter, and creative director. My personal site.
  • Yes it’s true – I created the Helicopter Game, the most addictive game on the internets. Since ripped off onto a billion formats. Don’t click – you’ll be hooked.
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