Blog — December 2010

La Información es Bella

I wanted to say a grateful, heartfelt thank you to everyone who has bought my book this year. It’s been doing really well. Thank you!

It’s broken the Top 100 books on While the Visual Miscellaneum has cracked the top 2,000 on Thank you!

For something that took nearly three years of my life to write, research, design and promote, it’s immensely gratifying that it’s resonated with so many people. Thank you!


Visualizing Bloodtests

We were happy to win a design competition in Wired US this month.

It was around re-envisioning medical data. Specifically, blood test results. Which suck, design-wise. They still look like secret missives from the CIA circa 1965. Yet their contents are vitally – perhaps mortally – important.


High Society

Unique times require unique thinking, right? We’re under the cosh here in the UK with unprecendented public cuts and austerity measures. Is there a potential revenue stream we’re missing? One right under our noses? One that could solve the university tuition fees crisis? And leave around £75M left for a very, very good party…

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