Blog — January 2013

The Data of Death – A Visualization

What were the greatest causes of death in the 20th century, our “worst century”?

War? Disease? Natural disasters?

We gathered and examined mortality data from around the world – from disease to murder to mudslides – then calculated and visualised what killed the most people.

Welcome to Our New Website

After several months of backstage finessing, I’m super-pleased to announce our glossy new website.


» Nice shiny new coat
» Responsive design (rescaleable to your browser – try it BIG)
» Advanced mobile-savvy – now morphs to iPhone, tablets etc.
» New comments system with up-ranking.
» Surfacing of loads of old but gold images and visualizations.

Hand-crafted in the UK by the glorious On.

We’re still ironing the creases. So if you spot anything odd, please let us know via this form or comment down below.

This site is preparation and platform for a forthcoming display of exciting new awesome. Stay tuned!

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