Information is Beautiful 7th Anniversary “Micro-Retro-Edition”

For just $1.99 US or £1.49 UK own a special retro Kindle edition of our first infographic book, Information is Beautiful. (published as the Visual Miscellaneum in the US)

We didn’t expect to be releasing this. It was just a funny experiment. Could we take a chunky visual feast of a book and distill it down to a series of black’n’white data pills?

So we started playing. And, to our surprise, it worked. It really worked.

After reworking and revisioning every single image of Information is Beautiful we discarded the many more complex infographics which didn’t hit home. Sniggered at the few that shouldn’t have converted, but did. Crunched them all down, enjoying the creative limits and odd charms of Kindle retro-tech.

(I love its smudgy 8-bitness. The grayscale. The way the previous screen ghosts-under and illuminates the next)

Actually this book might illuminate a key aspect of infography and data-visualization that is often forgotten. This is: concept. If the concept for your graphic is strong and clear, the information design doesn’t have to be complex or wall-sized or interactive – or even colourful. Better, small graphics can be slipped quietly into your mind on the train, on the bus, in the bath…

Wherever you end up reading this, I hope it tastes sweet.


Get the Kindle Edition for £1.49 UK / $1.99 US


Now open: the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2016

Announcing the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2016, celebrating the year’s most awesome data-visualization & infographics from around the world.

Thanks to our beloved sponsor Kantar we have over $30,000 in prizes awaiting the creators of this year’s finest information design.

A 40+ strong panel of expert dataviz practitioners, plus a community vote, will decide the winners across 16 categories.

Plus you’ll get to see the most innovative, interesting and intriguing all in one place.

Our goal is to bring dataviz into the mainstream. Winners and shortlistees receive much media coverage. Many have gone on to secure great jobs and contracts with major startups, agencies and companies…

enter your own work (paid)

Practitioners, dataviz creators and teams from any kind of organisation can submit your own work, which guarantees you a place in our showcase and a chance for consideration by judges for the longlist. (Student entries are free)

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The Hollywood In$ider – Data on every major movie, visualized!

An interactive data explorer for slicing and dicing data on over 1000 major Hollywood films of the last eight years.

Look beyond box-office grosses and find out which films recouped the most of their budget? Divided audiences and split the critics?

Filter, sort, plot and delve through our lovingly curated data. Stare into the underbelly of the Hollywood machine.

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Created with our forthcoming suite of dataviz tools, VizSweet.

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