Announcing the Information is Beautiful Awards Longlist

2015 looks like another vintage year in the world of data visualization and information design.

We celebrate and exhibit this awesomeness every year in the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards.

Here’s the long-list.

An incredible range of creativity – awaits your brain – across design, code, concepting and styling. Prepare your mind for a gail-force blowing.


Snake Oil Supplements – analysis

We’ve updated our Snake Oil Supplements? interactive with the latest scientific evidence for the health benefits of the 180 most popular nutritional supps.

The data has been revised top to bottom and draws upon many new Cochrane metastudies of the area.

(Cochrane are the gold-standard of medical meta-studies – studies of studies. They minimise bias by subjecting all existing studies to very rigorous methodological and statistical analysis).

» See the interactive

our analysis


Out of Your Hands

Can doctors predict your future health by looking at your fingers? Arms? Legs? Our viz shows the unexpected relationships between body parts and various conditions.

» Discover what’s Out of Your Hands

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