Job: Middleweight Information Designer / Data Visualizer

2nd Oct 2014

We’re looking for a middleweight designer to join our crack creative team working at IIB Studio in Shoreditch, London.

You’re passionate about data visualization and infographics with numerous self-initiated or freelance projects to show us.

You’ll know your treemaps from your icicle trees, and how to choose the right visualization device for the right data. You’ll have a solid grounding in graphic design, typography and layout. And understanding editorial hierarchy is second nature.

An extra bonus would be interactive, coding or motion graphic experience. Or an editorial background. 

Job entails:

* Working in a tight-knit, co-operative team

* Concepting, sketching, working up ideas

* Artworking, fine-tuning and anal graphic design nit-pickery

* Exploring colour, style and type routes

* Plotting, mapping and schematising data

* Liasing with researchers to refine data and answer questions

* Creating moodboards for self-inspiration


Qualities we’re after:

* Unfailing enthusiasm for dataviz and infographics

* Passion for information, knowledge and understanding things

* Familiarity with IIB’s considerable library of beautiful work

* A developed visual sense, good design taste, good feel

* Incredible attention to detail, triggering proper “upset” if elements are mis-aligned or wrong

* Excellent written and verbal communication

* Not ‘scared’ of data, information, research or spreadsheets!

* Responsive to feedback and creative direction

* Ability to work and maintain creativity under pressure

* Ability to work speedily on drafts and not get too attached to versions (this is team work!)

* But also able to “lock in” and explore a design-idea to its limits

* Ninjascopic skills in Illustrator and InDesign


Closing date: 12th November 2014

Contact: Email portfolio and / or links to:

duncan [AT] iibstudio [DOT] com with subject line: “Beautiful Job”