World’s Biggest Computer Networks?

We’re trying to get a sense of the biggest networks in existence.

looking at
» big web entities (google, facebook etc)
» big cloud services (amazon s3)
» big underworld entities (botnets)
» big secret networks (NSA etc)
» big telecoms setups (mobile networks etc) – if applicable
» big science networks (neural networks, Large Hadron Collider, SuperNets etc)

We’re trying to rate each in terms of systems, CPUs, gigabits per second, no. of connections / nodes plus any other metrics that seem useful.

Ultmately we want to establish how many edges (connections) each network has – and so what’s the biggest / densest.

Unfortunately we’re hitting the limit of knowledge and understanding while researching this. Our brains hurt!

Can you help with any insight / figures / calcs etc? Or any reflection on what we’ve done so far?

Please comment below or add comment to this form.

Here’s the data in a Google spreadsheet.

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