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If your country is not on the image, it’s either because
a) we couldn’t fit it in
b) we couldn’t find something your nation is the best at (sorry!)

» Canada changed from ‘personal freedom’ to ‘doughnuts’ (reason: more recent data) – Mar 2017
» Turkey ‘jailed journalists’ added alongside ‘Twitter censorship’ (reason: more recent data) – Mar 2017
» China changed from ‘jailed journalists’ to ‘hackers’ (reason: more recent data) – Mar 2017
» South Africa changed from Death to number 1 for Platinum (reason: more recent data just released) – Dec 2016
» Canada upgraded to ‘personal freedom’ from ‘Facebook addiction’ (reason: better source) – Dec 2016


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CIA, NYTimes, Bloomberg, UN, The Economist, World Bank, Reuters, BBC, Forbes, The Guardian, WSJ & others


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