A set of high-end tools for creating beautiful, interactive data-visualizations.

Example: The Billion Dollar O-Gram 2013

More looming!


VizSweet has a very selfish origin. We created this set of dataviz tools strictly for ourselves. We wanted a way to quickly generate impressive interactive visualisations without having to start from scratch each time. And without having to wrestle with code and design to get cool, dynamic results.

So it’s been designed to be super-easy, ultra-powerful and, above all, fun to use. The tools are there to solve the actual data-viz problems and challenges that we constantly encounter ourselves.

They’re true creative tools. Damn, we keep discovering new ways to use them!


Currently, we’re in pre-alpha and will soon start sharing the fruits of our labour. If you’re interested in being notified, being involved, or being a customer, join our email list or Twitter.

We’ll be uploading and demoing more examples and modules over the next few months. Stay tuned!